About us

The International Leather Directory was created in the year 2000 with the aim of allowing people in the leather industry to find details of suppliers or customers worldwide, quickly and easily, by using one simple website. The directory has since grown to be the largest, most advanced, freely available directory on the internet, with details of thousands of companies world wide and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Based in the U.K, the International Leather Directory is run by an experienced team of people, who have combined their experience in information technology with over 20 years of direct experience in all aspects of the leather industry, from supplying Raw materials, Chemicals and Machinery, to the tanning of finished leather and garment manufacturing.

To make the directory easy to use, all the companies in the directory are separated in to seven different categories of supplier, these are; Raw Materials, Chemical Suppliers, Machinery, Tanners, Leather Merchants, Manufacturers, and Other Services. Within each of these supplier categories, we have supplied a comprehensive list of products, which you can select using the Search facility and a list of all the companies in the directory that supply that product or service will be shown. (For further details about using the searches please see the Help Pages).

In order to keep the directory as up to date as possible, we have also allowed all companies to modify their company details directly on the site, using a password protected Members Area. This ensures that the supplier details are as up to date as possible.

Access to the site is free, with unlimited searches and all companies can display and update their basic company contact details for free. For a small charge, we have also allowed suppliers to display additional useful information about their company, including contact personnel, their agents, a direct link to their website, as well as a description of their company and the products or services that they offer.

Our hope is that you find this directory useful and that it successfully puts you in touch with new suppliers or customers. If you have any comments, do please let us know using our contact us link.


Richard Sanderson